Professional Experience

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LITO VIDIGAL is, currently, one of the best young Portuguese Coaches.
He is actually performing a great job in BELENENSES, being until December 2014, the big surprise of Portuguese League with the fourth position in the League Table.
His quality as Coach is recognized for all the specialized media and his historic campaign for Belenenses, this season, result of his talent and competence.
He started from below, after retiring as professional player in December 2003.
After that he started in small teams of secondary divisions, until the Portuguese main league, I League, where he arrived in 2008, signing a two years contract with ESTRELA DA AMADORA.

After the well known financial difficulties experienced by the Club Estrela Amadora, motivating the exodus of major assets of the club (read: players and technical team), which even led to the insolvency of the club, leaving the Club in the first half of the table, he was invited to coach several middle table clubs of Portuguese main League (I League). However, it was PFC UNIÃO DE LEIRIA that gets his services and the Club has reached, in the first round of the championship of the Portuguese League (2009/2010), the 4th place behind FC Porto , SL Benfica and Sporting CP and fighting until the end of the season by a place in Europe League.

On December 2010, Coach LITO VIDIGAL was immediately asked to lead the project of ANGOLA NATIONAL TEAM, which he accepted taking Angola to the better FIFA Ranking of ever, and taking the team to Vice-Champion in Sudan Chan/2011 and also qualifying the team to the CAN 2012 Gabon/Guine Equatorial.

On January 2013 he was indicated as new Manager of AL ITTIHAD, to led the team to win the Libya Championship, but the insecurity in the Country didn’t allow the coach to finish the task purposed. Nevertheless he managed to win Spring Cup 2013.

On June/2013 he started the season in PFC AEL LIMASSOL, from Cyprus, where he was 17 matches without facing one single defeat.

On March 2014, he accepted the challenge of removing the Belenenses from the last position in the League table of Portuguese main League (I League) and save the Club from relegation, a bold mission accomplished with a huge dose of competence.

LITO VIDIGAL is known for his strong and determined character, with great leadership and work spirit (as a team and for the team) where he shows his immense entrepreneurial capacity, putting in practice a modern and innovative training methodology, idealizing, using and taking advantage of new technologies that we currently have available and that are both pleasing to all athletes, motivating and strengthening the unity of the working group, thereby enhancing the final results to be achieved.